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Radio Rampage
The UHF CB Repeater Scene on the Gold Coast
Gippsland Repeater Users Group Inc
CB Gazette
CB Gazette
CBretards web site
Chances are you are an idiot and will completely hose your radio using information from this site. If you are unsure about something, feel free to shoot me an email and I will try to help you.
Perth CB Repeater Group Inc
We are an Incorporated Group of people that frequently use the UHF citizen band radio to communicate throughout the metropolitan area
Extreme CB
WARNING!!!! Graphic pictures. May not be legal in your country. Check local regulations BEFORE entering. Mature audiences only!!!!!
Transportation Resources: A CB Radio Guide
Citizensí Band radios, which are more commonly called CB radios, were invented by Al Gross and have became a quite popular gadget. One of their most well-known uses is in trucks and other large vehicles to communicate important information and to socialize. They are also used by people in their homes. The Federal Communications Commission originally required a license to use Citizensí Band technology, but the radios became so popular that they dropped the license requirement in the early 1970s. While CB radios have only a fraction of the popularity they once experienced, they still are used frequently by hobbyists and many truck drivers and off-roaders. (a Site in the USA)
Alpha Uniform
Welcome to the Alpha Uniform - Audio Unity website!  Our club objectives are to promote great DX  opportunities for members around the world.  We believe that worldwide contacts are easier made when radio operators are deliberately trying to reach each other, rather than just cold calling.